Thursday 12th June 2018 – MTB, High Ropes, Rock Climbing, Mini Golf & Sports Day

Sports Day

The day started with a nice early breakfast – the children arose from their beds with high energy ready for the day of sports.

The first half of the day were languages to spruce up their terminology on french, german, spanish and madarin…

All campers returned from their classes travelled back to camp for a healthy lunch for them to reenergize for the afternoons activities.

The discoveries set off to rock climbing and mini golf.

The Discoveries tested their fear of heights today with rock climbing. The Discoveries worked as teams to guide each other up the wall and test their inner fears. The Discoveries returned to camp with big smiles on their faces that they had accomplished a challenge and completed it.

The other half of the afternoon the discoveries set of to challenge themselves of a game of mini golf and completing the course in as few pars as possible. This tested their target practise and puzzles.

The Explorers were spilt into 2 teams; one group set off to test their balancing skills and fear of heights at Verbiers high ropes course. This would test their fear of heights and balance to see if they had what it takes to complete the set courses. The first group took on the challenge and completed it in record times. The explorers jumped off the tower of doom, where each level had a different jump height. All explorers loved this activity and were challenging the staff to races around the courses.

The second half of the Explorers set off to go mountain biking, Learning the basics for some of our campers, the other half went for a gentle cycle around town to understand the rules of the road and different technique to use the gears of the mountain bike correctly.


The Pioneers, had sports day. This consisted of tennis, football, volleyball and many team sports.
The pioneers headed off to these individual sports to compete against one another.

As the weather here was super hot the Pioneers leaders decided it was time to cool off with a massive water fight – this cooled the campers off and time to revenge against their leaders soaking them from head to toe in water.

The evening approached very quickly the campers all sat down for dinner for a very entertaining evening.

The discoveries were set to do our infamous game of LA FUREUR – each team taking part in competitions

The explorers took part in bin bag fashion show – time to work as a team and perform a 1 min explanation of their chosen design.

The pioneers were set to do our infamous game of LA FUREUR – each team taking part in competitions









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