Thursday 14th June 2018 Cooking, Art, Leadership

Options Morning

What a marvellous day today, sun was shining birds in the skies and all happy faces around camp.

Today was options day; the students had a choice of different activities to take part in.
The first option was swiss watch clinic where the students learnt all about building the perfect swiss watch and the components that goes into such an artisitic piece of work.
The second option was leadership programme where the campers had a qualified leadership trainer come in to discuss the importance of being a successful leader, and how to work within a team in the work place, school or everyday life. The children were very intrested in this programme as their energy and enthusiasm showed within this activitiy.
Final option was the cooking class where the students learnt the basics of creating the fluffiest muffins and the crunchiest cookies. The students excelled in this as it was a small treat for them to take home and have a snack later on in the day.

Once lunch was served – it was time to return to Leadership programme and for new courses to start. The alternative courses the campers had a choice of were Etiquette and First Aid/Fitness. In etiquette the campers learnt how to behave around the table and to set up the tables in the correct way. The coach explained that there is a certain way to set up the table and a way to behave whilst hosting a dinner.
First aid and fitness – was ran by an external trainer that has alot of experience in this industry the children learnt about the importance of being on a mountain and knowing what to do able to do if they are ever in a situation that involves first aid. Their fitness was based on their hiking ability and different fitness techniques dotted all over the Verbier mountain areas.

After options day was languages for the afternoon – it was a slight change in times as the options were in the morning.

Once languages was complete it was time for the campers to crack on with their dinner evening activities. The explorers and discoveires headed up to Le Hatey mountain hut for a BBQ and some games – once all their energy was burned off it was time for the explorers to enjoy a slow casual walk down the mountain back to campus and for the discoveries to jump back in the bus and return to camp.



Pioneers had a crazy evening with leadership games within basket ball and pizza making.

All campers are in bed and ready for a full day of camping and hiking tomorrow

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