Thursday 17th May – Arrival day Verbier

kArrival day today!

The students arrived for our first day of spring camp. Such an exciting time for everyone. As the sun was shinning and the snow was waiting the students flooded out of the buses one by one with glorious smiles and exciting spirits.

The students were distributed their rooms and key and sat down for a warm lunch. After lunch we introduced the team at Les Elfes and went on to explain our house rules.

Once the rules were done we organized the students for ski fitting and clothing fitting. The students brought gloves, google, socks and sun cream ready for their first adventure of the slopes.

After the ski fitting we gathered the students are afternoon tea, hot chocolate and bread. Followed our adventurous “verbier hunt” the students were keen to explore and look around their new village.

Upon their return we served a beautiful hot dinner cooked from our chefs, then we watched a calming movie and played quite games. Our youngest students went off the bed and prepared for the next day


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