Thursday 18th May Paragliding, Sion Castle, Transfer to Zermatt & Zermatt Hunt

What a busy day! We have been so impressed with all of our new campers today, we have started the week really well. At 09h01 all of our campers were assembled in an organised with their luggage in front of the camp and ready for their respective activities which is unprecedented when working with a group of 84 campers! We even have older campers who organised their fellow students, carried their luggage and organised the paragliders into groups, arranged the phone boxes and made sure everything ran smoothly. Not only were our campers punctual and helpful today they have already fostered a warm and welcoming atmosphere here in the camp and it is really nice to see how quickly they are making friends and beginning to work together.

18 of our campers paraglided today, soaring 1000m above Verbier from the stunning ridge point of Croix de Coeur all the way to the camp. The excursion today was a welcome stop half-way between Verbier and Zermatt at the beautiful historic Sion Castle, with a short hike to the castle followed by a picnic lunch in the sun before continuing the transfer to Zermatt. Zermatt is a car-free resort, whch is one of its inviting characteristics so all of our campers took the panoramic mountain train from Täsch to Zermatt before a little ski-supplies shopping and checking into the hotel.

They had snacks, phone time, settled into the hotel, explored a little & unpacked their suitcases. In the evening our campers had the opportunity to explore the town, navigating their way through the infamous Zermatt Hunt to answer questions and race the other teams back to camp with varying success! Tomorrow we are looking forward to a full day of skiing and snow!


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