Thursday, 27th December. SKI RACE, SCAPE ROOM AND DISCO NIGHT!

At Les Elfes campus, today we enjoyed a lovely sunny day, perfect for the Ski Race. Our students woke up ready for the amazing competition, where they can show all that they learnt this days and their skills skiing and snowboarding. They breakfast a lot to have energy for the whole day. After the Ski Race they have a special dinner in the mountain: a barbaque is served! Is a wonderful moment to take a break, share moments with their instructors and chat with the other individuals.

After lunch, they have more time to ski and snowboard the slopes. But at 16.00 they all came back to the campus, to take a relaxing shower and a recovey snack, with a yummy hot chocolate, as everyday. It’s time for language lessons and one of their favourite actvity: scape room!

Between 18 and 19 it’s time for dinner, and then the night activity started. The kids go to Etolie Disco in Verbier to listen music and dance. The busy and funny day was finished and it’s time to brush teeth, wear pyjamas and sleep, waiting for an other incredible day.

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