Thursday 2nd August 2018 – Languages, Rock Climbing, High Ropes, Mini Golf, Mountain Biking and

Active Day

Another great day ahead of the campers here in Verbier – The morning started with breakfast fit for Kings – lots of food to help with the active day the campers had in front of them…

After breakfast the campers set off to languages… All students progression has been phénoménal and the teachers of VLS are very impressed with their ability.

Once languages were finished it was time to head back to camp for a spot of lunch.

The discoveries – Set off to challenge themselves on the rock climbing wall in Verbier. Testing their fears and navigation up the climbing wall.

In the evening the group was spilt into two groups, one half stayed on camp to create bin bag fashion show outfits – the theme was OCEAN – all camper got very involved and ended in a dance with UNDER THE SEA.

The explorers – Set off to test their balance and skills on mountain bikes, a few went for a cruise around town and the more experienced group headed up the mountain.

In the evening the explorers – took on the infamous activity of les elfes which was LA FURER a challenge evening with games set for any level.

The pioneers – Took a different route by orienteering around the Verbier mountain side, having a pic nic and navigating themselves around the area.

All groups – had languages this afternoon – with a twist. The teachers took their students on a walk through town, navigating through the town using their new words of vocabulary..

All campers are in bed now for a long day on excursion day….






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