Thursday 5th of July. Languages, optional courses, rope courses, mountain biking, rock climbing, indoor climbing and sports, escape rooms, dine out, The Cube.

When we woke up this morning the day was a bit grey. There were some softly rains but the sun was still there.

After a nice breakfast we started the day as usual with the language lessons. All the campers were ready to learn more and to keep improving their skills.

Some of the kids had optional activities as tennis, golf and horse riding. After it discoveries and explorers had lunch at the camp while the pioneers had a really nice BBQ at the mountain in Le Hatey.

After lunch the discoveries went to do rock climbing, explorers went for mountain biking and rope courses. Pioneers went to the sports center were they did some rock climbing and sports.

All the kids were back at camp after the activities were the signed up for shopping or to chill at camp. Right after we enjoyed the Fondue dinner together while some explorers went for a dine out in one of the best restaurants in town.

During the evening activities the discoveries played the famous game of The Cube were they shown their skills during different challenges. Explorers went to play the incredible escape rooms and pioneers enjoyed a really nice pijama party while the watched a movie in the cinema room. It was a full day but everyone really enjoyed. After that all the kids were ready to go to bed.



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