Thursday 9th of August. Languages, walk in the nature, rope courses, mountain biking, lake day, flexi time, packing, movie night and casino night

Like every morning the kids woke up at 7:30h. Today the weather wasn’t the best but it didn’t stop our kids to have a really nice day.
After a nice breakfast all the campers were ready to start their language lessons. It was the last lesson before the session come to the end. They kept improving their skills in English, French, Spanish, German or Mandarin. The teachers were happy with all the progression the kids had from the first day.
Afterwards It was already lunch time. All the kids enjoyed the delicious Ravioli of today. Just before lunch the Pioneers left and went to Aqua park since the weather it wasn’t the best finally. But they had still a lot fun there and enjoy the slides so much.
After lunch Discoveries went for a walk in the Nature where our small kids had a nice moment waking and seeing a lot animals that we can find in Switzerland.
Explorers splitted the group in two and while one group was doing mountain biking the other one was doing the rope course. Everyone participated in the activities and gave the best.
Later it was already dinner time when all the campers were back in camp. Today we enjoyed eating together the famous Swiss Fondue and the kids said it was yummy.
Right after dinner all the groups started their evening activities. Discoveries were packing with the help of the leaders since they are leaving on Saturday. Explorers had a chill evening enjoying a movie altogether in the cinema room. And Pioneers had a fun and more active evening going to escape rooms or playing some card games during the Casino night.
Then the children went to their rooms to sleep and get some rest for next and last day in camp.

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