Tuesday 22nd January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Flexi Time, Languages & Games Night.

Yet again everyone was awake early and tucking into breakfast, enjoying the chocolate croissants, bacon and eggs and cereal. It’s also another bright sunny day outside meaning the conditions are ideal for our beginners. Some were back at the beginners slope this morning, hoping that after lunch they may be able to progress up the mountain. Their achievements and stories have been great to hear when they returned back to camp. Out intermediate and advanced groups ventured to a different part of the mountain today to explore new, challenging runs. They all had great fun. Flexi time back at camp included games of uno and cards, whilst some took a walk into the town. After languages we all sat down for dinner which was followed by much more fun at the sports centre doing Rock Climbing or at Medran Slope doing sledging. It’s been an exciting, full on day so off to bed we go!!

Over in main camp, students were eager to begin activities after a action packed first day of skiing. On arrival back to camp they were able to recharge their energy with a delicious snack of jam filled doughnuts and a cup of hot chocolate to help warm up. They had the possibilities of ice skating or a range of team games in the sports centre which they all enjoyed thoroughly. We all headed back to camp for dinner and closed out the night with a couple of games bringing out bursts of laughter and joy from everyone involved.


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