Tuesday 3rd June 2018 – Excursion Day

Excursion Day

Another amazing day here in Verbier. It was time to visit different regions of Switzerland today. Time to see a variety of museums, sceneries and landmarks.

The discoveries headed off to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the campers educated themselves with the winter and summer games across the decades and the history. After the visit to the museum the discovieries headed off to lunch in Lausanne and visited a shopping centre in Vevey.

The explorers and pioneers were all set to venture of to the Charlie Chaplin museum. In the museum the campers learnt all about the silent movie era and how this changed the face of comedy in the vision of television and movies. The explorers were in the Museum for the morning and the pioneers headed off to the museum in the afternoon.

After the explorers visited to Charlie Chaplin the campers travelled onwards to Montruex the city of jazz and international cultures to visit the Lake Geneva also know as Lac Leman. The explorers took a short walk to their lunch spot and sat with Freddie Mercury and enjoyed their lunch with a view.

In the morning the pioneers headed to Vevey shopping centre for some shopping spree fun to hopefully by sovenuirs for their parents 😉

Once all the campers were all shopped out it was time to come back and relax. All campers had showered and changed ready for dinner. After the dinner the activities were as follows.

Discoveries: Postcards to send home to their guardians/parentals

Explorers: Bin bag fashion ball super hero themed

Pioneers: Half headed off to the escape rooms and the other half created and performed a music video.


All campers are now in bed – ready for another day here in the swiss alps.






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