Tuesday & Wednesday – 11th & 12th July 2018 – Camping & Lake Day

Camping & Overnight Stay

The campers awoke full of energy.
After a nice breakfast all the kids were ready to start their different lessons; English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.

Once the languages had finished the campers had time to chill before their long over night stays in huts, t-pees and tents.

The Discoveries headed off to Mauvisan t – pees, to experience the life of a true red indian. The campers played capture the flag, Cowboys Vs. Indians.

The Explorers headed off to Lac Taney, taking a hike up to the glaciers lake up in the Vaud mountain areas. The Explorers tested their orienteering and map reading skills, to reach their final goal of the mountain hut in Lac Taney. The Explorers beat the session 3 record of 2hrs – 30 mins they smashed the record in 1hr – 25 minutes a big pat on the back for the Explorers and the self accomplishment they acheieved within this activity. Once the campers reached their goal – it was time to chill, relax and grab an icecream before dinner and the antics of the monitors singing by the campfire.

The morning arose, the Explorers – awoke ready for the days activities and their hike back down to their starting point in Monthey. The explorers challenged each other to a game of capture the flag.


The Pioneers headed off to Lac Leman, the pioneers had a little different experience of their over night stay. They had to travel 5km by kayaks and sea vessels. The Pioneers reached their destination and explorered and agreed on a suitable area to set up camp…. Once the camp was set up, it was time for the pioneers to use their team work skills, cookery skills and campfire skills to set the fire and prepare the nights dinner.

After the day of camping, kayaking and preparing dinner. I believe the Pioneers were very tired… as you can see above..


All campers returned safely back to camp in the afternoon, time to recieve their phones, relax and regain their energy for tonights activities, which consisted of either cooking or the semi – final football match CROATIA VS ENGLAND!

The campers are all in bed now reenergizing themselves for tomorrows active days…





Check in for tomorrows adventures


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