Wednesday 13th June 2018 – Carnival, Sports & Fashion Show, Escape Rooms, Casino & Dine Out


Attention to all parents/guardians: Les Elfes have recently started a SNAP CHAT account – you can follow a live stream of the campers activities and events through this social media app.

All you have to do is search leselfes in the search bar and you can view what your daughter/son is up to at our camp here in verbier 🙂

The day started with a slight fog in the air but this wasn’t going to stop our campers from taking on the day in their first activity which was languages.

Once languages was over it was time for some optional activities; horse riding, golf and many many more exciting opportunities for them to experience here in Verbier.

Carnival Afternoon

This is the special kind of day to celebrate processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade. All campers were handed a piece for each event they participated in and they would be scored out of 100 depending on their points they gained from the events. Some events included; facepaint, photobooth and tin can mayhem.

The music, popcorn and mocktails were flowing, lots of energy from the all the campers the atmosphere was excellent every station had some different to offer the campers. We ended the carnival on a high with a tombola where the students had a chance to win a grand prize.

Once the glorious carnival had ended – the campers were treated with some snacks to regain their energy. It was time to head over to the sports centre.
Discoveries conquered the climbing wall, hitting their fear of heights on the head with some great encouragement from their leaders and peers.

The Explorers and Pioneers were taken to the basket ball and football areas. The groups focused on team work, quick initiative and agility within these two sports.

The monitors challenged the Explorers to a game of crab football this game lets all abilities join in and its great fun for all ages. The Pioneers got stuck in with a full blown basketball game this was very intense and the teams were very competitive.

It was time to chill for all groups – reenergise their batteries and head in to town for a browse and some souvenir shopping.

For dinner we had pasta party – a very in famous meal with some delicious sauces and toppings.

After dinner the evening activities were in full swing.  The discoveries had an activity to get creative with bin bags and strut their stuff down the cat walk.

Half of the explorers set off to the escape rooms – to test their ability on puzzles and problem solving, this was very tense as the groups finally freed themselves in the last couple of minutes.

The other half of the explorers and some of the pioneers took part in casino night – challenging the monitors and trying to double their winnings on many different stations around the les elfes campus.

The other half of the pioneers took a venture into town to a local restaurant where they treated themselves with local swiss food and culture.

All in all the students had an amazing full action packed day. All in bed now and ready for tomorrows activities. What will be in the schedule for our campers tomorrow?

Dont forget to tune into SNAPCHAT and find out.