Saturday, 30th April – Skiing, Italy, Workshops and Clubs Night

It was another wonderful day up the mountain for our Les Elfes campers. Not even the Wintery weather conditions, a change from the clear skies and sunshine, could take away the excitement and smiles. But, rather, bringing a dusting of light snow and a taste of the Swiss Alps in Winter. Some campers were lucky enough to ski across and experience a taste of Italy, too… pizza and pasta, and two countries in one day. A productive afternoon greeted the campers upon arriving back from their ski day; with a continuation of yesterday’s workshops, and theatre, arts & crafts, journalism, orienteering and sports clubs in the evening. It was a lovely day, and all the learners are looking forward to another day working towards their goals, learning life skills and having fun with friends, their instructors and their monitors!


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Friday, 29th April 2016 – Skiing, Leadership, Team-building, Sports and a Torchlight Adventure

Today was another perfect day in the sunshine here in Zermatt, with clear skies and good snow. Our Les Elfes learners were smiling and happy throughout the day, with each one of them progressing amazingly… all of them to a level that showed hard work and determination. For many, their progress was to a level that they were able to extend their skiing to bigger slopes; with the guidance of their instructors. Some were even able to experience some of Italy, which links with Zermatt ‘s lifts. Upon returning; the hotel was filled with energy and laughter during their snack time. Afternoon activities meant learning the qualities of leadership, teamwork, self development and sports, in the company of new friends (and old!); the kids were treated to a wonderful dinner and a beautiful sunset, that played as backdrop to the Matterhorn and the slopes. As the sky turned pink and dusk set in, the learners set out on a torchlight adventure up the mountain; where they were welcomed by a panoramic view of the Zermatt and the Alps; a picture-perfect Swiss paradise after an exciting expedition up the mountain. What a wonderful day!


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Thursday 28th April – Zermatt, Skiing, clubs and Development programs

13082111_10156899306150584_1752361904_n 13084096_10156899309780584_942439799_n 13084148_10156899306770584_1023422955_n 13084223_10156899308360584_813703012_n 13090321_10156899312330584_1996797558_n 13090579_851430721701_184298293_o 13101584_10156899312560584_1548092361_n 13106663_851430726691_1058319956_oThe students awoke to a bright blue sky shining across the top of the Matterhorn giving a perfect photo. After feasting on a luxury choice of buffets the students then got ready for departure for skiing. The weather on the slopes kept consistent all day giving the students perfect conditions to ski on. After returning from skiing they then had a little time to relax, get some fresh snacks, speak to parents about their amazing day and take a shower before clubs. There is a wide selection of clubs that students sign up for, from Arts and Crafts, Theatre, Orienteering and first aid, Journalism all the way to health and fitness. After dinner the students then participated in development games, giving an insight into the three programs they will be doing over the course of the week and getting to know each student within the groups.


Wednesday, 27th April 2016 – Zermatt – First Day of Skiing

Today our campers journeyed up the mountain for the first day of their skiing adventure here in Zermatt. For many, it was a day of new beginnings, fun and learning with friends and their instructors. For others, it was yet another start to an exciting week back at Les Elfes; “bringing back memories of previous years skiing here” and, with many, in agreement that the highlight of their day was, “being fearless to try new pistes and techniques,” as said by a few happy campers in their reflection and team-building time this evening. After returning from skiing, and taking some time to relax, the learners set off to explore the Zermatt town with their instructors and the animation team, to show them around. Some ventured into the “Matterhorn Alpine Museum” to learn more about the pioneers of the Swiss Alps and the historic discovery of Zermatt, and others spent the afternoon walking through shops and tasting Swiss chocolate with friends. After a delicious dinner, the campers set off in their groups to get to know each other better, play team-building games and learn leadership skills. What a wonderful day it was, all spent in the sunshine, under clear skies and the “watchful eye” of the beautiful Matterhorn mountain.

Tuesday 26th. Transfer to Zermatt, Chateau de Sion & Clubs

Today we say “Hallo” from Zermatt. Our students are ready for their first day skiing in this marvelous ski resort. on the way here the buses made a stop in Sion were the students could visit the castle. Later on, we continued the trip and once in Zermatt the students were checked in in the new facilities and went for a walk in town.

In the evening the students could join different clubs such as Arts & Crafts, Journalism, Theater, Orienteering and Fitness.

Everyone, students and instructors are so looking forward to hit the slopes tomorrow and get a little bit closer to the Matterhorn. 13059443_10153363440711566_922736479_n 13063981_10153617609873716_87159356_o 13072183_10153617610458716_137636928_o 13081956_10153363440626566_851791067_n 13081976_10153363440671566_1765894726_n 13090759_10208586766923118_833041531_o 13101172_10153363441021566_1040409346_n 13090627_10153617609388716_895671352_o13084065_10153363440416566_1245371041_n 13072008_10204871978954236_1858491017_o 13072991_10153617609243716_803964367_o 13078385_10204871978914235_607644818_o 13082163_10153363440326566_326545086_n

Monday 25th. Aquapark, Chateau de Chillon & Birthday.

It is still snowing here in Verbier. Our individual students went to the Aquapark in the morning and headed after to the Castle of Chillon. Over there the weather was nicer and we got to take some nice pictures.

In the campus we had the arrival of lots of new students who were checked and  ski fitted so they are ready to head to Zermatt. We also had two birthdays this evening; the students were very happy with the b-day choco-cake.

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Sunday 24th April 2016 Skiing, Snowshoeing & an Impromptu Casino Night

What a day!

We have had non-stop snow on the mountain today in Verbier and our individual students have had the best day testing out the on-piste powder. A real treat in April. Our school meanwhile were pushing their personal limits with a very challenging snowshoeing adventure, braving the wind, snow and cold in a 5km trek from Ruinette to La Chaux. The perserverence shown by the group have really impressed us today and we are so proud of them! After the arduous journey they finished the day with a great snowman building competition.

This evening was such a nice bonding experience for our group. The school and the individuals had a great poker night together, practicing their bluffing with extravagant pretend sighs and whoops of joy. The atmosphere here in Les Elfes is lovely at the moment and we are all excited to welcome some new faces to the camp tomorrow morning!



UN & CERN Excursion

Today our students took a day trip to Geneva, their first stop was the UN. They took part in a guided tour with the opportunity to have a behind the scenes perspective of the UN activities in Geneva and to walk through the chambers where many important historical negotiations have taken place. After the UN it was on to CERN for another guided tour to discover the mysteries the universe has to offer and the work that happens in the worlds largest physics laboratory. All the students showed so much enthusiasm throughout the excursion and were extremely polite and engaged on all the tours. The evening back in Verbier was spent fitting the students with snowshoeing equipment ready for the next day and relaxing watching a movie after there long day traveling around Geneva.

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Leadership followed by improvisation in Les Elfes

Fun filled day by all here in Verbier. We started off with a treasure hunt and introduction to map reading which progressed us onto a challenging orienteering exercise, exploring the mountainside and tracks that Verbier has to offer. Whilst our ski groups were charging through the clouds high up in the mountains with even more progression although conditions were challenging. Between the activities today the groups had the choice of swimming and games, to bond even more as a group. To finish off the day we had our first performing arts class involving all the students. Where they learnt about improvisation with plenty of enthusiasm and laughter throughout the class.

13046328_850313790041_2048925418_n 13054942_1298940406799290_1548335851_o 13059349_850313819981_480407177_n 13059679_850317487631_1405770543_n 13077198_1698706833717627_1299253424_n 13077350_1698707000384277_1965377576_n 13084197_1698707077050936_1612328047_n 13090240_850313800021_1017766479_n

Soaring over Verbier

Beautiful weather again today in the 4 Vallees. With our groups out skiing the slushy, fun, spring snow and progressing their new techniques. While others went soaring above Verbier, experiencing paragliding for the first time! It gave us a great opportunity to develop our leaders and guide them through the minefield of personal development. The afternoon our groups either went to the local swimming pool or shopping and sight seeing around the town. To finish off the day all the students took part in an arts and crafts session, where they learnt new drawing and shading techniques and experimenting with using different materials ending with crafting an object of their choosing.

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Spring morning with incredible skiing

Another beautiful spring morning today! Our students are hitting the slopes for some incredible skiing conditions with lots of sunshine and smiles. While another group have arrived at the les elfes campus and spring is in full swing! So much enthusiasm filling the verbier campus, even after the groups have been travelling for a long time. Some students opted for an easy movie and early night after their travels while others put all the effort they had left into creating amazing white chocolate cheese cakes.

Individuals 13036558_1698078090447168_1597491312_o 13054583_1698078080447169_1685207990_o 13054860_1698078107113833_991983634_o 13062685_1698078053780505_1630022601_o12966578_1142698835761393_1407619694_n13023607_1142698109094799_1470321635_n

New Etiquette Classes Summer 2016


Dear Campers, Parents and Friends,

At Les Elfes we have high expectations for our students and we endeavor to enable them to achieve the most from their time with us.

An important part of the experience we offer is the ‘family’ atmosphere that we have on our camp.

We offer different programmes for each age group however on our campus the way the groups are combined during meals and some activities means that all of our students, regardless of their age group, are part of a bigger supportive team who look after one-another and share their stories together at the end of the day.

Unsurprisingly therefore for many students this is a new environment, and simply being way from home and part of a larger group is a new concept, and for many being out of their own culture and country is also a new chapter.

As a result of this we are proud to have conceptualized Etiquette classes at Les Elfes. Understanding how to feel self assured, and confident in a range of environments especially away from parents in a new part of the world is something we feel many of our students can benefit from.

In collaboration with Chalet D’Adrien, a Relais Chateaux luxury 5 Star Hotel in Verbier with a simply stunning gourmet restaurant. Students will spend time learning and putting into practice a range of topics, such as sitting correctly, manners at the table, etc. Manners cost nothing as the saying goes, and more than ever children are tested, graded, assessed from early ages.


Our Etiquette course is run once per session:

These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

Course will be around 6 hours long and divided into two sections:






In collaboration with Chalet D’Adrien, a Relais Chateaux luxury 5 Star Hotel in Verbier with a simply stunning gourmet restaurant.

Students will spend time learning and putting into practice a range of topics, such as sitting correctly, manners at the table, table setting, silverware settings, dining dos and don’ts, interacting with servers and many more. Although many of us take these topics for granted, for many it can be quite daunting, with our help and guidance, we believe students will approach these situations with a new found confidence and enthusiasm.

They will learn proper table manners, manners at home, manners when out and about, honesty, integrity include role playing and exercises, multimedia materials, and comprehensive lesson plans so students learn the value of proper behavior, self-respect, and self-confidence all while having fun


Manners cost nothing as the saying goes, and more than ever children are tested, graded, assessed from early ages. Manners and decorum are increasingly important.

Students will learn the value of proper behavior, the power of please and thank you, public manners, talking to adults, eye contact, standing tall and making small talk. With our fun interactive class, student will carry out role playing scenarios where they can present their best side and make the most of the opportunities that come their way.

Being prepared for success in the global economy of the 21st century, in a variety of situations is crucial, with this fun, interactive course, students can develop important skills, manners, become more accommodating of others and become impressionable for all the right reasons.

We have just a few days left of our winter season here and whether you are travelling to visit us for skiing in Spring or adventurous activities this summer camp we look forward to a great trip together.

For those who have visited us already this winter, thank you for a fantastic season.


The Chalet d’Adrien
Relais & Châteaux, 5 star hotel in Verbier

This hotel offers personalized proposals of stay to all parents willing to accompany their children joining the international holiday campus “Les Elfes”.

Visit their website

Beautiful sunshine in Verbier

An incredible sight to wake up to this morning. Fresh snow and blue skies , Verbier has never looked more beautiful! With one group arriving into this stunning landscape and another going to enjoy the warm weather down the valley with a trip to the chocolate and cheese factories, finishing with some shopping in Veyvey by the stunning lake Geneva. The evening was spent with a trip to the escape rooms in central verbier where the group will be challenged to work together and bond to be able to escape a room of puzzles within the  time they are given. Good luck to them all.

12992953_1142699185761358_390833654_n 13035557_849644830641_333699508_o 13046087_1142698645761412_656628812_n

18th April Monday – Progression on the slopes

What a brilliant day it was! with what looked like a grey and misty day down here in Verbier village we arose through the cloud to be greeted with sunshine and good snow conditions to be had by all groups. Finishing off the ski day with even some new Spring snow and being welcomed home to a white blanket over Verbier. After an afternoon of exploring new languages we all head off to an exciting evening of baking. The students will make cookies and have a tasting session at the end.


New Personal Development Programs


As Leo Tolstoy said, ‘Spring is the time of plans and projects’ and for us here it is no exception, at Les Elfes we have been busy developing and fine tuning our Spring and Summer programs and new to this year are our Personal Development Programs.
These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

The Four main PDPs will be:


Web Identity

Perfecting your online identity is an ever increasing topic and very much of the now.

Personal branding and social media awareness is tantamount to how people not only see you but potentially see what you do each day.

We teach pragmatic approaches on this topic, and cover many different aspects of data management, from uploading images appropriately to dialogue with other online users in different scenarios.



Within our Etiquette classes students will become familiar with understanding decorum in formal and less formal scenarios and how to present one self in a range of environments.

Perfect for students who are stepping into a new arena such as university overseas.

With our fun approach our classes will best prepare students on how to conduct themselves in a confident and comfortable manner, or how to best tackle an interview or even to host a dinner party!


Careers Programme

Our careers programme combines a practical development training model with components designed to equip students for the world of work.

We have inspirational guest speakers to enlighten students about the range of different opportunities and paths for reaching their goals and a first aid course, run by a professional trainer, in which students can take away a valid first aid certificate as part of the professional development portfolio for universities or colleges.


Leadership Programme

Our leadership programme comprises interactive development training sessions and an introduction to a range of academic models covering group dynamics and leadership techniques.

Our students have the opportunity to apply their new skills in outdoor activities and to set personal goals throughout the training to develop their personal leadership style. Through our programme students are empowered to use their knowledge of the theories underpinning affective leadership and the confidence to grow as a young adult to become a successful leader for others.



For our youngest students we offer a diverse range of activities designed to give students the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their creative talent.

Our programme combines art classes with a local art school, cooking and food preparation workshops, theatre and improvisation sessions and a chance for public speaking and group presentations to build confidence and team working skills.



Разнообразие рождает умных!

Разнообразие рождает умных!
Где провести каникулы с пользой?

С юга – Италия, с севера – Германия, на западе – Франция, на востоке – Австрия и крохотный Pic-Summer-Campus-bigЛихтенштейн – неудивительно, что в Швейцарии говорят аж на четырех языках. Часы и сыр, банковские услуги и ножи, горнолыжный туризм и шоколад, образование и одежда – сколько всего разного и качественного подарила миру небольшая Швейцария. В этой миролюбивой и безопасной стране с высоким уровнем жизни вашему ребенку будет что посмотреть и перенять.

Мы знаем в Швейцарских Альпах особенное местечко: называется Вербье. Чтобы дети непринужденно учили иностранные языки, социализировались, интересно и активно отдыхали – словом, наиболее разнообразно проводили свое время, с 1987 года здесь работает международный детский лагерь Les Elfes.


Что нового ожидает вашего ребенка в 2016 году?


Les Elfes – это не только изучение английского, французского, немецкого или испанского языков; не только спорт, игры, экскурсии, разнообразная культурная программа, но и особенный подход к личностному росту учащихся.
Представляем вашему вниманию программы персонального развития (Personal Development Programs):
Feb-Ind-Summer-21. Осознание себя в пространстве Интернета (Web Identity)
О том, как создавать собственный образ и осознанно вести себя в социальных медиа, как управлять своими личными данными в Интернете.

2. Правила поведения в ситуациях личного и делового общения (Etiquette)
Программа идеально подходит для тех ребят, которые в будущем собираются поступать в зарубежный университет. О том, как уверенно себя вести, оставаясь в хорошем расположении духа, как грамотно проходить интервью и принимать на праздничный ужин гостей.

Feb-Ind-Summer-43. Планирование будущей карьеры: воркшоп (Career Guidance Program for 15–17 years old)
Здесь ваш ребенок погрузится в мир профессий, определится со своими интересами, попрактикуется и, возможно, даже получит свой первый сертификат для портфолио (пригодится при поступлении в университет).

Feb-Ind-Summer-74. Развитие лидерства: воркшоп (Leadership Training Program for 12–14 years old)
В живом общении, уличных активностях и взаимодействии друг с другом дети учатся занимать лидирующую позицию исходя из специальных технологий лидерства и знаний групповой динамики.

Feb-Ind-Summer-65. Раскрытие талантов и творческого мышления: воркшоп (Cooking/Art/Theatre for 7–11 years old)
Самые младшие участники смогут проявить себя в приготовлении блюд, рисовании, создании театральных постановок, публичных выступлениях. Это поможет выявить таланты вашего ребенка, развить в нем уверенность и командные навыки.
Весна в разгаре, до лета осталось всего два месяца:
успейте спланировать каникулы!



17th April Sunday – Fun on the slopes in Verbier

Fantastic enthusiasm in Les Elfes this week. The students had their first day on the slopes today and they really enjoyed the Spring conditions. Wide open spaces with many runs to ski on. They progressed alot in the morning then the students had a very nice lunch in Les Elfes. After lunch the students joined into their language classes. They completed their language test with their language teacher.

In the afternoon the students played sports outside with the staff. Later in the evening the students had a table football and pool competition. A wonderfull day



Saturday 16 – skiing – last day – ski test

Despite the cloudy and cold morning our students went up the mountain and decided to test new gear from @faction and @blackcrows skies. The afternoon was nicer with blue sky and and the sun shining. The students also find a lovely Saint Bernard and took a picture with it.

12986361_10153597719633716_79885819_o 12999573_10153597719123716_750341640_o 13010213_10153597719353716_700455842_o 13016719_10153597719408716_689598944_o 13016838_10153597719468716_788678242_o 13035431_10153597719548716_716535430_o 13052452_10153597719183716_406764710_o

Friday 15 – Skiing – Escape Room – Dine out

The individual students started the day going skiing. They had lunch on the mountain and later they continued skiing. Back on the camp the students play a bit of basketball before heading town for Dine out. Later in the evening the Escape Rooms were waiting for them, successfully all the students made it on a very good time. Lots of laughs and suspense in the rooms.

_DSC0234 (Small) _DSC0236 (Small) _DSC0244 (Medium) _DSC0277 (Large) _DSC0280 (Large) _DSC0287 (Large) _DSC0292 (Large)

Sun is out, what a nice day!

Hi everyone!

Today has been one of the clearest day of the season! The view we have from the camp is outstanding!

All of our campers have enjoyed their time on the mountain today, and for most of them it was their last time! Today was an important day for everyone as it was the race day and we the results are fantastic with some very good times! Everyone enjoyed a Barbecue on the mountain today as the weather was so nice!

Nearly all of our campers have enjoyed their after ski activities going to town to buy some final gifts for these last few days! Some spent it doing some packing or chilling on camp!

Tonight we had prize giving and everyone deserved a prize after such a nice week! Some results came to a surprise which was nice to see!

Tomorrow, I’m sad to say, some of our campers are leaving! Despite that some of them are going to enjoy another day on the slopes and it looks like it set to be another fantastic day!

_DSC0190 (Medium) _DSC0191 (Medium) _DSC0194 (Medium) _DSC0195 (Medium) _DSC0197 (Medium) _DSC0198 (Medium) _DSC0200 (Medium) _DSC0202 (Medium) _DSC0203 (Medium) _DSC0205 (Medium) _DSC0207 (Medium) _DSC0209 (Medium) _DSC0212 (Medium) _DSC0216 (Medium) _DSC0226 (Medium) _DSC0227 (Medium) _DSC0230 (Medium) 12992263_10154132232613656_990429662_n (Medium) 13014844_10154132232438656_652703532_n (Medium) 13022227_10154132232498656_1562395880_n (Medium) 13023681_10207342136170246_1658379980_n (Medium)

Wednesday 13th Skiing – Olympic Museum – Prize Giving – Dine Out

The morning started with a blue sky and after lunch we had a bit of snow showers up on the mountain. The individual students went to Lausanne to the Olympic Museum and the schools chose between Cooking and Desing and Build Les Elfes Clubs.

One of the schools is leaving tomorrow and today they got their awards. The individuals went for a Dine Out today.

12999638_10156795348765066_2093761542_o 13010196_10156795349265066_745829626_o 12986717_10156795350325066_532883165_o 13020156_10153608772661267_742942821_n 12992744_10153608771991267_494835609_n 12986327_10154971373143306_185669803_o 12986681_10154129613693656_1079836887_o 12999592_10154128826013656_1346313678_o 13010076_10154971374503306_1768792911_o 13016779_10154971373788306_843820748_o 12980945_10154971372938306_439042144_o