30th Dec Arrival Day and Excursion

Today is a beautiful day for our newcomers, we got campers coming in from all over the world. Upon their arrival, they were shown to their new room and sent down for ski, boots and clothes fitting. Later in the afternoon, they were shown around town by our animation staff, and were given some time for essential shopping such as ski socks and gloves.

In the evening, they joined the rest of the campers from last week who had just returned from their Laser Tag excursion day! After dinner, everyone parcticipated in some Ice Breaking Games and then enjoyed some time to play card games and socialise!

The younger ones went to bed early exhausted after the long day travelling and not so much later the older campers went to sleep as well!

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29th Dec Excursion day, last day skiing, and finally prize giving

Unfortunately every great adventure has to come to an end. Upon this day, we are sad to say goodbye to a great many individuals and schools.

Yet, they could not have had a better last day here at Les Elfes. The day started off with some kids going on a big excursion to the chocolate factory and the cheese factory. They definitely got a plentiful amount of these Swiss delicacies to bring back to their families. For others, it was an insane last day of skiing, reaching their best form on their last day.

In the evening, following a traditional Swiss Fondue dinner, the kids were so excited for price giving that it was hard to even get them to sit down for a minute! They finally found out the ski race results and appreciated other prizes given to them by our Animation team. At last, they were happy to watch the completed Music Video and Pictures Slideshow, that highlighted our favorite moments of the week.

What a blast it has been, for those staying lets hope for another great week and for those leaving us tomorrow we wish you safe travels and hope to see you again next year!!

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28th Dec Skiing, Escape Rooms, Climbing, Torchlight walk and baking

Wow, what a day ! It’s always a pleasure to wake up with some fresh powder snow, it gets everyone in a good mood from the beginning of the day. Everybody was so motivated. Today was ski racing competition, all our little fellas were so pumped and smashed it. After a good snack a hot chocolate we started our afternoon activities : rock climbing, shopping, table games unless they had languages. Burgers and fries were at the menu tonight, yummy ! We finished the day with a bunch of amazing activities such as : torchlight walk, baking cookies, bin bags fashion show and escape rooms ! What an other great day at les Elfes International, see you tomorrow for new adventures!


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27th Dec Skiing, Excursion and Disco Night Fever

Once upon a time there was a sly Elf,

Who came to Verbier and said to himself,

There is lots of cold,

And Mountains of old,

Had plenty of wealth so founded Les Elfes.


Today upon this white and snowy day we honour our history. What better way to celebrate after a long day of excursions and skiing, with a massive Disco Party!

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26th December shopping in the village

The snow came back to visit Verbier ! Under a gentle snowfall our students made progress on skies and snowboards with a lot of energy and fun.
When they came back they found a snack and the chance to spend their afternoon taking languages lessons as a German, French, Spanish and English, going shooping in the village or playing some games.
After a delicious dinner they spent the evening participating in the Winter Olympics at the sport center, going to a escape room and playing the music games of “La Fureur”
It was a intense day with new arrivals, a lot activities but where they had a lot fun all together.
Finally the night came and it was time for sleep! Good night

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25th of December, skiing, afternoon activities, snack, music vide

Good evening everyone, an other great day ended at Les Elfes today and the kids loved it once again.

We had a few new arrivals today, they already integrated the group really well !

The day started with skiing with a cloudy weather at first but it got better from the end of the morning until the finished their skiing session. As usual they had a delicious hot chocolate and a little chocolate hunt around the building. This was followed by various activities such as sledging, crafts and arts, table games, shopping or even a competition in the game room.

We had some delicious fajitas for dinner, the cooks did an amazing job. Big up for them.

We ended the day with one of our favourite activities : the Music Video which consists in recording a footage of kids dancing around to a section of a song to then be replayed back to the in the final video at the end of there stay.

24th December Skiing, Christmas dinner, Santa visit

Xmas is nearly here, snow is all around us, and what a day for our new arrivals to have their first big day of skiing.

Excited after their first ski sesh and definitely ready for more of it this week, the  kids came back from the mountain happy to get their phones back and eager to tell their parents about their awesome first day at Les Elfes.

After their afternoon activities, which ranged from Secret Santa shopping, to Gingerbread house making, they enjoyed a delicious Xmas dinner. The chocholate log cake was definitely appreciated given it disappeared in few minutes.

Finally, after dinner they all participated in a Xmas treasure hunt to find the missing Reindeer, where u at Rudolph hehe!

As the stars shine in the sky tonight and the kids make their way to bed, everyone can’t wait for Xmas tomorrow!!


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23rd December New arrivals, Verbier hunt

The day started in a intense way. Even when we did not Ski We had a lot arrivals during whole day. Kids coming from India, Ethiopia, South Arabia, etc.

While the kids that were here already since a week ago went for bowling the rest of the kids were arriving and doing Ski fitting to prepare all the equipment for the next day. After the Ski fitting we had a welcome speech all together where we could explain a few rules and how the days were going to work.

When all kids were ready we went by groups to do the Verbier hunt. But even they had time to buy some snacks in the local supermarkets. Afer the walk, we could warm up a bit close to the fireplace and enjoyed chatting or playing some games together.

We had a nice dinner where everyone could recover some energy and to be ready for the last activities of the day. Some kids went to Verbier village to do the escape room activity while other kids stayed and played some ice breaking games to get to know each other better.

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Dec 22nd Skiing, Games and Movie, Escape Rooms, Fine Dining and Torchlight Walk

As the week draws to a close, today was a day of mixed emotions as we were sad to say goodbye to our group from Nigeria. This cheerful bunch, who interacted with great enthusiasm with the other groups and individuals here, definitely left their mark and we hope to see them again next year.

For the ones staying, today was yet another great day of skiing. Having made great improvements this week, it was nice to see everyone hitting the slopes with great confidence and cheerishing every moment and every fresh breath of mountain air.

On their return from the slopes, tired, but yet with big smiles on their faces, some went into town for some shopping, whilst others played some games, and finally some watched the Junglebook in our cinema room!

For the evening, one group went into town for some Swiss fine dining. Those who remained on camp for dinner, then both left, some heading for Verbier’s new Escape Rooms- an unforgettable 60 minutes experience, challenging to even the brightest of minds, whilst the rest headed for a more relaxed torchlight walk not far from camp.

Finally, after another great day at Les Elfes everyone made their way to bed!

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Dec. 21st Ski Race, art and crafts, sledging, prize giving and slideshow

Today was a beautiful sunny day. The kids were reminded to applying more sunblock than they used to do because of this lovely weather. They went to ski and had a ski race, surprizing their instructor by how well they have mastered the skills. A lot of fun and laughters.

When they came back, they had some snacks and chatted happily. All the kids, no matter where they come from, school or individuals, all mixed so well and made good friends with one another. And the elder ones look after the younger ones.

They had time to use the mobile phones and They signed up for the activities. Today They had two options; sledging and art and crafts. It was really fun and we enjoyed both activities.

After a really nice dinner where We could enjoy together a delicious “Foundue”, we opened the pertinent  day of the advent calendar.

Finally It was the time for the awaited Prize Giving Night, everyone was really excited.

All the groups were recognised for their instructor. Some people received medals for the race of today and other people won other well-earned prizes.

We finished the day showing the slideshow that the animation team prepared for them. They enjoyed it and shared so much laughs with their friends.

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The Swiss Ski School has accredited Les Elfes Team

Greetings All !

Congratulations to Les Elfes team who passed their two week Les Elfes training. For us it is crucial the team has been correctly assessed both on snow and of it, and the Swiss Ski School has accredited them all, a great achievement.

We wish you all fantastic Holidays, for those of you celebrating Christmas, we wish you a merry one, and to all a wonderful New Year and 2018 ahead.

We are still taking bookings for Christmas and New Year with sessions starting 23th, 26th and 30th of December. Contact us for more information: info@leselfes.com or call +41 27 775 35 90.

Wednesdnay 20th, Excursion day/Skiing day/ Disco

Another great day at Les Elfes ended and all our little campers are about to fall asleep after these tiring but amazing activities and excursions.

Our bunch of kids had three options concerning the activities of the day :

The first option they had was to go in excursion in Evian (France), followed by the visit of the famous Olympic Museum, and finally ending with some shopping in Lausaunne to bring a few typical presents to family and friends.

The second group chose the excursion to the chocolate factory, which was apparently really huge and impresive. Right after that they had the chance to do a bit of shopping in the enormous Chrismas Market of Lausanne.

For the ones who were keen to go skiing the third option was perferct, all day on the slopes riding and having loads of fun with their favourite instructors.

As usual we finished the day with a delicious dinner, followed by one of kids favourite evening activity…THE DISCO!!

Have a good night and don’t let the bugs bite guys.

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Tuesday 19th Skiing, surprise, languages, clubs and escape room

Today, we started in the best way possible with a big breakfast, knowing that a big sunny day was ahead of us: Everyone was excited so for skiing!

The kids improved a lot their skiing and snowboard skills already. So they enjoyed their lessons even more than yesterday.
We recovered the energy with a great lunch in the mountain. After we kept skiing and enjoying the good weather of today.

Later in the afternoon we came back to Les Elfes and we could chill a bit with a hot chocolate and snacks. The children signed in for different activities, some of them had languages.

They even had time to use their mobile phone and electronic devices in order to chat with their families before dinner. They were happy to tell their relatives about the day.

We finisihed a long day with different clubs and escape room depending on what they had chosen.

Everyone went to bed early to be ready for the next day!!

See you tomorrow for new adventures.

Monday 18th Skiing, snowman building, Xmas decorations, games and music video

The conditions today were a bit worst than yesterday but the kids were keen to go out on the mountain again with big smiles. After a great morning of skiing they came back for snacks and a warm shower before moving onto a variety of different activities including snowman building, arts and crafts and a games tournament.

The music video was most likely the highlight of the day, with our enthusiastic students showing off their dance skills and choreographies to the explosive vibes of “Dynamite”. Many remaining eager to watch the final masterpiece on Friday at prize giving. 

Overall, had loads of fun today, and can’t wait for more tomorrow and during the rest of week.


Sunday 17th, first ski day, Verbier hunt, sport center evening activities

Today the sun was shining for their first day on the slopes!

After a good night sleep our students from all around the world were rightly equipped and with a high level of energy they approached the slopes around Verbier.

Some of them came back to the camp for lunch whilst the others ate in our restaurant up on the mountain. After this short break everyone was ready for the second part of their lessons.

Once they came back they had the chance to have a snack and choose their preferred afternoon activity.

The Malaysian school and some individuals chose between a walk in town for some shopping or the chance to reveal their artistic talent in Arts & Craft.

The Nigerian school and a large group composed of Chinese students challenged themselves by taking on the “Verbier Hunt” and discovering many interesting facts about this Swiss village.

After dinner all the students went to the sport centre to participate in “Les Elfes Olympic Games”: a series of challenges which relied on their team spirit!

Happy after all these activities our campers went to bed to recharge their batteries and prepare themselves for another big day at Les Elfes.

Saturday 16th, the new arrivals

Today we had a big arrival of students from many different places. once they got settled in, and had some snacks we started doing ski fitting.

After all the new campers had been fitted with ski gear they were ready to chill out after a long day of traveling and eat some dinner.

Swiftly after finishing pudding we all went down to the cinema room to watch a movie but many students were tired and wanted to go to bed.

First day skiing tomorrow!!!

Friday 15th Last day skiing, prize giving and time to say goodbye!

When the kids woke up this morning, exhausted from the intense weak of skiing and other activities, their spirits were lifted by the beautiful sunny day that awaited them. A quick breakfast, boots and helmets on, and off they went again to battle the mountains one last time!

Alas, this week has come and gone too quickly, and when the kids came back from skiing, it was already time to start packing. Some headed into town for some last minute souvenir shopping and a tasty crepe. Yet, the wisest of them saved their hungry bellies for traditional Swiss raclette, a well-deserved meal for this wonderful group who gave 100% throughout the week!

Finally, it was time to show them the highlights of the week, their entertaining Music Video, Pictures and most importantly our prize giving ceremony, that revealed the winners of the big ski race amongst other prizes.

It has been a great week at Les Elfes, and we will surely miss this group! For now, we bid them farewell and hope to see them again next year!

Thursday 14th Skiing race, design and build, sledging and Disco Night

Today is the highly expected racing day. Everyone was so excited when they were heading out. Was a little bit foggy this morning but the groups were  keen to get out up onto the slopes, they really gave it there all today so many improvments in the different groups. Especially for the beginners group for today is the first time for them to go to the mountains! Much difference would they encounter from the towns!

When they got back, as usual, it is hot chocolate and snacks that are waiting for them! We gave them options for afternoon activity, either go sledging or build and design. For those who chose sledging, they took their sledge, helmet and googles with nicely dressed ski clothes, exploring their way to a nearby slope. By stamping on the snow, they made a smooth sledging slope. It was quite slippery after they sledged down in the first round and really had a great time! When it got dark, they came back, holding the torches. As for the other group who chose to do build and design at camp, they were split into two teams, and asked to make a car model that could be used in snowy Verbier. It was quite impressive and incredible to see how well a work they were done by teamwork! They presented a proper demonstration on the creative design they were made and we scored according to four different dimensions. All of them was so good and contribute to this work so it was so hard for the judge to decide. We are so proud of the campers at Les Elfes!

Tonight is Disco Night! We collected playlist from these artistic and versatile, amazing campers. With the help of Just Dance, we spent such a wonderful night together! It was so good to activate the body and make every muscle flexible. Good exercise. Some boys chose to play table games after that. But since they were all tired, though happy, they were asked to go to bed early, falling asleep with big smiles.

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Wednesday 13th, shreding down the slopes, apres ski activities and fureur night.

Hello everyone, here we go for another great day at Les Elfes International in Verbier !

Today the kids left the campus impatient and full of energy for their ski training on the slopes of Les Quatre Vallés ski resort. The weather is by our side today, the snow finally stoped falling and has let place to a beautiful blue bird day, not even a cloud at the horizon. Some of our kids brought their GoPro today to record their best runs !

After this exhausting but fanstastic training they came back to the campus for the daily hot chocolate break before starting the afternoon activities. These activities were followed by a delicious diner and The Fureur which is one of our game speciality here at Les Elfes. They obviously had a lot of fun !


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Tuesday 12th skiing, souvenir shopping and games

As the week goes on, tiredness is indeed present but nevertheless motivation and improvement have never been greater! Beginner groups mastering the snow plough technique, whilst some of the more advanced groups are hitting harder and steeper red slopes with great confidence.

Later on, the kids came back, a sense of pride glooming across their face, happy to find the usual hot chocolate and warm fire waiting for them.

Whilst some decided it was wise to rest, bearing the mind the big race scheduled later this week, the rest of them went into town town for some well-deserved souvenir shopping!

After dinner, the kids signed up for different games and activities, such zumba, poker tournament and diabolo. Finally, they made their way to bed, eager to find out what tomorrow will bring!

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Monday 11th Skiing, eating cookies, igloo building and music video

Another great day with the campers! We started with skiing after a big snowfall of yesterday. They could enjoy better weather and the fresh snow. All the kids were excited after the skiing day and looking forward for the next lessons.

After a long day skiing we could get some more energy with some snacks, chocolate and enjoy the cookies that were baked yesturday.

The kids really enjoyed the afternoon activities today even though we don’t even need to mention it, who doesn’t like igloo building ? We had so much powder snow these last days therefore it was the best day to have snowball fights.

They even had a bit of spare time to call parents and friends.

Following a nice dinner we enjoyed preparing and recording 2 funny music videos as a battle betwen the boys’ song and the girls’ one.

Finally tired but happy the kids had another enjoyable day here at Les Elfes!

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