Since 1987


The only camp open all year long
from 1st December until 31st August
Taking part in Les Elfes programs entails the excitement of outdoor activities, the warmth and friendships of living in a community, and most importantly, fun and enjoyment, lots of it! For our staff the opportunity to nurture the students along their journey is a privilege and pleasure and we have many staff members that have been at Les Elfes for many years, adding to the family atmosphere our students have grown to love time and time again.

Our summer and day camps have been running since 1987, and we strive to provide the best possible experiences in fantastic environments which students will remember for a lifetime.

Message from the founders

30 years, and counting…

30 years of passion for Education, Sports and, of course, our many children. How time flies…

Beginning with one small chalet welcoming 100 students per year, to now where we run three campuses welcoming over 5000 students, from 70 nationalities, per year. Les Elfes has certainly evolved.

It has been 30 years of happiness, of wonderful encounters, of travels throughout the world experiencing different cultures. From our camps in the 90s focused on mainly outdoor sports we have now changed towards a more educational approach: Leadership training programmes, career orientation, web identity and online protection, etiquette courses and language lessons.

Les Elfes is also proud to have evolved into one of the few camps worldwide who operate from December until October.

In these 30 years we have seen former students have children who attend the camp, work here as monitors and even become managers here with us. This encapsulates the essence of family here at Les Elfes and it has been an honour to welcome each and every one of you.

Nicole and Philippe, along with their partners, would simply like to say “Thank You” to all: parents, students, associates and, of course, our staff without whom nothing would have been possible.

Thank You for your continued trust.


Provide Adventurous Activities built on a well established foundation of professional and safe practices.
Since 1987 Les Elfes has worked with professionally trained and experienced staff to offer the very best activities to our students. Safety is of the upmost importance to us when planning our activities and we are continually working with highly-skilled staff, both inside the camp and outside, to truly make the most of our striking, mountainous surroundings without introducing unnecessary risk to our programmes.

Inspire holistic personal development through culturally diverse experiences.
It is the international atmosphere at Les Elfes which makes the camp such a special place. It is a really significant experience for young people to travel away from home and to spend time with new friends from around the world. Our students come to us hoping to improve their languages, learn some new snowboard skills or to mountain bike for the first time, but it is the friendships they take home with them that truly shape their time with us.

Our language courses, sports programmes and even our evening activities support our camp model of integration for all ages and ethnicities allowing our students to benefit from a mélange of cultural variety and to build bonds which will last a lifetime.



Outdoor learning which enables young people to discover their true potential to be dynamic & prosperous in their future lives.
Learning to ski or to rock climb is not just about donning the equipment and taking part.
Although that is the first step to enjoying the camp there are so many hidden values in adventurous activities. Students will need to work together to reach the top of a climbing wall and to navigate in the mountains when hiking, they will have to overcome difficult challenges and struggle together breaking down barriers and strengthening friendships along the way.

They will have the opportunity to better themselves by supporting others, challenging themselves to achieve the unimaginable and comforting one-another when things become difficult.

They will learn about communication, independence, time management and personal organisation, group dynamics and problem solving whilst in a fun and safe environment.




Les Elfes has been operating since 1987 and the resort of Verbier, known worldwide, became the main base of Les Elfes.


Construction of our own campus with its 140 beds and sports fields in 1995.


Five years later in 2000, Les Elfes opened new campuses in Crans-Montana with 50 beds. To keep up with growth, Les Elfes has bought a new camp in La Tzoumaz (also known as Verbier North) with a new 60-bed building.

Taking all these camps together, Les Elfes has a total capacity of 250 beds for students during each camp season (Spring, Summer and Winter).

_DSC14245000 students per year

In 1987, we welcomed 500 students per year, and now we are delighted to welcome over 5000 campers from over 50 nations per year as well as around 200 International schools that take part in one of the numerous programs offered by Les Elfes.

The head office is located in Verbier outside the main campus and Les Elfes employs a total of 100 staff working in different fields, especially during Summer.