Language Lessons

At Les Elfes we strive for excellence in everything we do and our language courses are no exception.

To ensure we offer the best possible tuition for our students we work in partnership with Verbier Language School to offer specialist teachers in each language for every course.
Students are group according to their language levels with a maximum class size of 7 students per teacher. We offer 3 types of courses in French, English, Spanish and German.
Each of our courses follows a set criteria for levels or language proficiency with detailed certificates and a portfolio of work which students may take away with them.

Language programmes will be taught by Verbier Language School. (

Conversational Language Course

Our conversation course is a highly interactive course designed to get students speaking in their chosen language. The course consists of 8-hours of tuition per week, typically taught in 4 2-hour sessions.

Intensive Language Course

This course combines speaking with reading and writing and consists of 15-hours of tuition per week. It is ideal for students studying for an exam or wishing to make quick, comprehensive progress in their languages in just 1 week. The course is typically taught in 5 3-hour sessions each morning with activities in the afternoons.

Private Language Course

Our final course is for those students who wish to have one-on-one tuition. This can be added to one of our other courses or chosen alone to allow any number of hours per week. The focus is flexible and it is a great course for students with specific learning objectives.




Language Lessons