picturestaff_summer_09Summer Camp in Switzerland
3 age groups
3 different programs

During summer, Les Elfes will offer 3 different, exciting programs on its stunning Campus in Verbier, Switzerland. The programs are perfectly adapted to age levels and ensure a progression from one to another :



  • Discovery Camp:
    is designed specifically for our youngest campers aged 7-11 and provides an ideal first camp experience.
    With sensitive guidance of our experienced staff, kids will make a big step forward and discover new exciting sports and Swiss attractions while making new friends in a very international environment.
    For our discovers, Les Elfes hires specialized & trained staff, which can perfectly care for the wellbeing and the needs of this age group.


  • Explorer Camp:
    is designed specifically for our more, but still intermediately experienced campers aged 12-14.
    Activities are age adapted and become more challenging. Excursions include the neighboring cantons in Switzerland. Get wild in Swiss wilderness!!


  • Pioneers Camp:
    LE Pioneers are our most experienced campers aged 15-17.
    As the oldest campers at Les Elfes, Pioneers serve as role models and have certain privileges like receiving a green card in order to go to village without a monitor during free time.
    LE Pioneer Camp is a great opportunity to socialize and make many friends from around the globe.

Summer Program

All campers attend language classes in the mornings and participate in group activities & sports during the afternoons. Each program is based on the classical success elements of Les Elfes:

  • Language Courses
  • Sports
  • Fun Outdoor & Indoor Activities to be chosen
  • Cultural excursions

Over 40  Activities offered !

Banana boating, team sports, mountain biking, hiking, camping, tennis, golf, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, dancing and many more !

Large choice of side options
In addition, our campers can choose between several clubs, which they will attend during the session. At the end of the session we all join together and present what we learnt!

  • Arts & Crafts – Meet the artist in you
  • Dance Academy – In the flow with Hip Hop & Street Dance!
  • Hollywood – Bring out the actor in you
  • Mountain Orienteering – Discover the beauty of the Swiss Alps
  • Music Video – Create and play in a cool music video clip
  • Photography – Pictures say more than words
  • Rockstar – Learn instruments and rock the stage
  • Tapas – For our gourmets

Les Elfes Summer Camp ensures active participation, a very broad choice of exciting activities and a high degree of learning in a fun and very international environment, all by guaranteeing maximum safety through our caring & experienced staff. Campers will return home with great experiences, fantastic memories and lifelong friendships.

Official Summer Camp Video