Students are woken by Les Elfes monitors for Breakfast
Groups meet their monitors for a morning meeting where they are briefed on the clothing and equipment they will need for the day & perhaps a warm-up activity
09h00 – 11h00
Language classes, studying in small groups with written work and group tasks
11h00 – 12h00
Optional Activities: Golf, Horse Riding, Private Language Classes, Tennis Lesson
BBQ Lunch at camp with all of the groups
Afternoon activities, split by age group: Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Nature Hike or an Afternoon down by the Lake with Kayaking, Banana Boating, Wake Boarding and Stand up Paddle Boarding
Shower Time & Relaxation
Optional Activities – Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Trampoline etc.
Dinner at camp, perhaps Fondue Night, Peppered Beef Ragout with Rosti or Cheese burgers with Juan’s secret sauce
Evening Activities: Les Elfes Clubs Night, select a workshop from: orienteering treasure hunt, bushcraft – learning to build a shelter, cooking club, photography club or magicians-in-training
Bedtime – Room Checks – Tidy Room Competition


Throughout their stay with us our individuals are organised into age groups. They have assigned monitors in their age group who will get to know them throughout their stay and provide them with support and guidance.

The age groups enable campers to find friends of a similar age from different countries and to learn a little about one-anothers’ cultures.

In the summer the activities we offer to the different age groups are suited to the age of the campers but there are still times when campers will have some evening activities or whole-camp activities together with all of the age groups combined.






Our Discovery camp is designed for our youngest campers and provides an ideal first camp experience. Our dedicated staff in this age group offer sensitive guidance and clear structure to nurture the development of the Discovery children. We maintain small group sizes for this age group and a challenging range of activities to suit even the sportiest of youngsters.

Discovery Camp Activities

Rock climbing, mountain biking, treasure hunt, mini olympics, nature hike, team building, mini golf, kayaking, paddle boarding, orienteering workshops, tennis, football, banana boating, swimming, table tennis, Labyrinth Adventure park, art classes, cooking workshops, sports day and many more…


Our experienced staff will manage the activities for the camp and some of the staff will also be responsible for the pastoral care of the group. Ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of the campers throughout their stay and helping them to manage away from home. We monitor students in brushing their teeth, tidying their belongings, separating their clean and dirty clothes, filling their laundry bags, brushing their hair, showering regularly, keeping in regular contact with their parents each evening and even budgeting their pocket money.

Discovery Star Chart

To encourage students to become more independent and to begin to think about managing their belongings and how they approach new activities and new experiences we have the Star Chart. An award system which encourages students to work together and to be more confident throughout their time with us to collect stars for their team. It is a fun way to encourage good behaviour and a good attitude amongst our smallest campers.
It is an exciting experience being away from home for the first time and, with our Discovery staff, your children are in good hands!


For our slightly older and more experienced campers we offer a challenging and interactive programme of activities. In the Explorer group students are expected to become much more independent and to be prepared to step out of their comfort zones a little.

Explorer Camp Activities

Rock climbing, mountain biking, trotinettes, mini olympics, nature hike, team building, mini golf, kayaking, paddle boarding, orienteering workshops, tubing, tennis, football, banana boating, swimming, table tennis, Wakeboarding, sports day and many more…

PIONEER CAMP (15-17 Y.O.):


Our most challenging programme recognises the need for these older students to try new things and to push their boundaries. This programme is packed with exhilarating activities on the lake and even a final ‘leap-of-faith’ activity to round up the session on a high!
Our Pioneers are a vibrant and energetic group, many of whom are preparing for being away from home in a couple of years at college or university and it is such a valuable experience for them to spend their summer standing on their own two feet and making decisions for themselves.

Red & Green Cards

To reflect the maturity of our older groups at the camp, parents can opt for members of the Explorer and Pioneer groups to have have permission to visit the village with their friends at set times of the day. I is an opportunity which allows them to develop some responsibility and independence during their stay.

Typical Week


Please note that all activities are weather dependant, and subject to change accordingly.

Detailed Program: Explorer 2 & 3 Week Sessions

2 Weeks Session (week1 & week2)
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3 Weeks Session (week1, week2 & week3):
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Detailed Program: Pioneer 2 & 3 Week Sessions

2 Weeks Session (week1 & week2)
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3 Weeks Session (week1, week2 & week3):
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Detailed Program: Discovery 2 & 3 Week Sessions

2 Weeks Session (week1 & week2)
   program 2019program 2019
3 Weeks Session (week1, week2 & week3):
program 2019  program 2019  program 2019

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