Friday 18th of may ski slopes and evening activities

The campers were woken up at 7 am and were given a healthy breakfast . They were ready for their first day at skiing in Zermatt. There were many falls on the slope but our campers were determined to learn how to ski . Everybody had a blast . We finally started our descent by 2 p.m after a tiring day on the slopes .

Everyone hit the showers as soon as they reached back at the hotel and then went into town for ice cream or played football . Some people chose to stay back and relax. Then came their courses (leadership,bushcraft,etc).

Then came our delicious  dinner  of burgers and fries  after which we started with our clubs (apprentice,photography,etc) and the the first day of skiing ended just like it started on a happy note .

Saturday 12th of May. Courses, Aqua park, packing, dinner, prize giving and slideshow

Everyone was so excited about the last day at camp, all the campers woke up full of energy for the day. The weather was amazing today and after a nice breakfast we had the last session of courses. The kids could enjoy activities like leadership, bush and craft, orienteering and mountain biking where they had a nice ride to La Chable.
After the courses everyone came back to Les Elfes where we could enjoy a nice BBQ outside. Right after lunch everyone went to Aqua park . The kids had so much fun in the wave pool and in the different slides.
Then in the afternoon all the kids were back to camp. They had time to pack their luggage and it was time for dinner already. Everyone enjoyed the great Raclette.
Afterward it was time for the expected Prize giving., all the campers received their certificates for courses and clubs plus other prizes for the life in the camp.




Spring camp, first day skiing

Beautiful sunshine on the slopes of verbier. As the students woke up and got themselves ready for skiing our chef were preparing the breakfast. After some time the students came downstairs and started eating breakfast.

What a superb morning it was, the instructors were ready and waiting for their new students. The students were collected by our buses and taken to the slopes. Up, up, up they went to reach 2000 meters above sea level.  Once the students had reached the top of the slopes, they begun their morning warm ups, lots of games, running, jumping and much more.

For some students it was their first time on the slopes, with skis, ski boots, and poles. Such a big achievement indeed!

The instructors were very impressed with the students first day progression, they were all quick at learning and picking up their newly learnt skills. Turning, stopping and breaking using the skis is not an easy task on the first day but somehow theses students managed to push ahead and get it done.

After a long day of skiing the students came back to les elfes for a shower and to change their clothes. Then we go them into smaller groups and started our leadership team games. We played spiders web, mine fields, pipes and blind basket ball. It was a fantastic afternoon and the students really enjoyed their time.

After dinner we sent the students to Ice Skating. Many of the students tried ice skating for the first time and they did great. What a wonderful evening they had together on the ice. We played music, danced, laughed and really had a blast!


Friday 28th August 2015 – Lake day, Prize giving

Another sunny day in Verbier! Perfect weather for day near on the lake banana boating and tubing! Kids where full of energy this morning and ready for fun!

One by one kids started to get on banana boat and tubes, some found more interesting to paddle board or water ski. But there was definitely something for everyone.

After returning back to camp kids had to pack as everyone is leaving tomorrow. But fun wasn’t over just yet! After some quick last shopping it was time for dinner and prize giving! All kids gathered in the big Les Elfes chalet and the monitors put on  a show for them. Various awards were given for the competitions and activities that took place during the week, like the tidiest room, the sports tournaments and the clubs competitions. A star camper was awarded the highest prize for best representing the core Les Elfes values.

After the prizes where given out and the monitors made their speeches everybody headed down to the cinema room to get their sports and languages certificates and watch the videos and slideshows the staff had prepared for them.

Now everybody is saying goodbye and getting ready to got bed, not forgetting exchanging contacts and a few tearful goodbyes … or rather – `till next time`!

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See you all soon!

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Zermatt day of progression

Today the students were ready for the mountain like never before. The sun was shining and the sky was beautiful and clear. Almost all of our Inidan Skiers have made it to the TBar. Meaning they are on the mountain making turns from left to right. The day passed by very quickly and many students were very tired after putting so much effort into their day. And what a perfect day it was! After skiing the students gathered for the second session of leadership or arts and crafts. The students in leadership completed many tasks while the art students started making their masks. We also went to the ropes course today. This evening we have a torchlight walk for the students. They are excited to see Zermatt in the night   Zermatt day of progression

First day skiing in Zermatt

What a beautiful start the week. Snow snow snow!!  The students tatted skiing early this morning. After a big breakfast the instructors meet with their new students. Introductions, team games and getting to know you games, all took place before skiing. Fantastic progression from all groups today. The students this week are very active and excited to be learning a new sport. After lunch we headed again to the slopes for more skiing. What a blast the students had today. After a nice snack and shower time we introduced out first session for our new leadership and arts program. The students again were excited and happy to be involved. The leadership training was a big success for day one, we introduced some ice breaking games, leadership styles and personal development skills. Meanwhile the art students gathered for the first time. Looking at emotions, colors, shapes and texture styles the art students strayed opening their minds into the Art world. In the evening the students set off into the village with their monitors for the Zermatt quiz! How exciting as they answered questions, looked for possible clues and worked as a team to solve the quiz. Good night from Zermatt.

Arrival Day in Zermatt

Today our new students arrived in Zermatt. They were a little tired from traveling however this did not stop the students from being very excited about getting their new equipment for skiing. All students were fitted today with skis, boots and clothing. They settled into the hotel perfectly, unpacking their suitcases, making new friends and visiting local shops to purchase goggles, gloves and socks. After a delicious meal we started getting ready for sleeping to be ready for the day ahead!

The students have begun making new friends already and we have a superb feeling about these students. The instructors are excited to spend the next two weeks together. Good night india!

Arrival in Zermatt 2015

Arrival in the beautiful Zermatt. Today the students went skiing at 2900 meters high. The sun was beaming all day and the snow conditions were fantastic. Some of the new arrivals were skiing for their very first time and the exsiting students skied into Italy. An exciting time for all! After skiing we gathered the students together for afternoon snacks and activities. We offer a great programme here at Les Elfes from the outside adventure ropes course, to the interesting and educational Alpine Museum and for the sportif students we are also offering outdoor games everyday. The students will have the chance to make all 3 activities during their stay.

In the evening we made a music video with the students. We witnessed some beautiful dance moves, exciting dance moves and some very funny dance moves. I am excited to see the final Music Video at the end of the week.

Transfers from and to the Geneva Airport

How and where do you welcome children coming by airplane?

Arrival desk at the airport


Les Elfes welcomes campers in the arrival hall of the Geneva Airport (GVA).
We have our own office here.
Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of the youngsters right away and then drive them with our private bus to the campus. Our campus can be easily reached within 1h50 after leaving the Geneva airport.

Departure at the Geneva Airport

This is a video made by our staff during an arrival day:

Ropes course and Mountain biking

The weather was beautiful all day today. One half of the students completed the ropes course in the morning and after the students went mountain biking. Then they switched activities therefore all of the students did both activities. The ropes course was very fun, after the safety speech the students started to climb high in the tress. Meanwhile the mountain bikers had a blast learning new tricks and skills to be more stable using the mountain bikes. In the evening we played La Fureur which is a music quiz, the students had so much energy and really enjoyed the game.


Matterhorn and Race day

Group picture first of all, in front of the Matterhorn. The sun was shinning for the whole day and the spirits were very high indeed. Off the students went to ski, either using the magic carpet the rope or the chair lift. Students of the camp this week have shown the instructors extreme dedication! This afternoon we had a small ski race set up for the children on the magic carpet. Now the students are on the ropes course, museum or shopping for last minute souvenirs. Later after dinner we will be packing and taking our luggage down stairs ready for the departure tomorrow.

Relaxing Morning, Presentation and Prize giving, Departure

Last day for the students today, After a healthy breakfast the students were briefed on what would be happening during the morning, they then went upstairs to their rooms to ensure everything had been packed and they were ready for departure. Around 9.30am the students met all of the teachers and monitors in the dining room for presentation and prize giving, there was two prizes given out for each group, with eight prizes given in total. From there the tidy room competition was read out and the tidiest rooms also won a prize. After Prize giving the students then went upstairs to get their bags and get onto the buses and off they went. We hope the students and teachers have had a great time here at Les Elfes and hope they return soon.

16-05-2014 Departure day

16th May 2014

Spiders web, mindfeild, basketball, football & outdoor games. This morning the students has a blast, we grouped them and did team building exercises with them all morning. The students had to work together to solve problems and create answers. The students then went to the prize giving which involed talking about the weeks challenges, tasks and outcomes. We showed them a slideshow with the pictures taken from the week. We also finished the IB profiles and talked about the answers

13-05-2014 Verbier – Hike day & Orienteering / Salt Mines & Aqua Parc

Group 1

Today the group arrived mid morning. After the warm welcome from the Les Elfes staff members and a very clear welcome speech the Les Elfes took the new arrivals on a tour of the building. Once the students had been acquainted with the staff members and aware of their surroundings we conducted some team games to get to know one another. After a delicious lunch we got ready for the Hike. All students had good shoes, rain jackets, water bottles and determination. The hike was exciting and interesting. They learnt about the local fauna and flora. Upon arrival back to Les Elfes we completed various orienteering games using maps, guiding skills and communication skills. They had to search for different areas of the campus using photos. At dinner we spilt the groups into 4 separate smaller groups. Some students were on serving duty, some students on clearing duties. After dinner we gathered the students got more challenging games. This time the students had to design a structure to make an egg nest from various materials. The idea was to design something to protect an egg from breaking after letting it fall from a height. They made excellent presentations, suburb designs and all of them made a great finishing product. Now the students are all tucked up in bed dreaming about he fun packed day we have ahead of us tomorrow.

Group 2

After the arrival day yesterday these students had a wonder full sleep. They woke up ready for the days activities. The students gathered their things to be ready for the Aqua Parc. They arrived at the Aqua Parc and had a briefing with the lifeguard regarding the safety and rules. The students were excited and ready for the adventure ahead. After the swim test they had lots of fun in the wave pool, the lazy rover the flumes etc. After the students were exhausted. They started to make their way to the Bex Salt Mines. They had a guided visit and learnt about how the salt is extracted from the inner rocks. They arrived back at Les Elfes in time for dinner. After the dinner they had their evening activity ”Bin Bag Fashion Show”

09-05-2014 Verbier – Final day at Les Elfes… Chateux de Chillon & Aqua Parc

This morning the students were on military mode. They were ready for the excursion on time, correctly dressed and had all of their swimming things ready. We departed from Les Elfes on time and headed for the Chateux de Chillon. When we arrived we enjoyed ice cream and talked about the history of the castle and the area. The students were amazed! After we headed to the BBQ at the Aqua Parc, it was delicious ranging from indian food to european traditional BBQ chicken and sausage. Then we grouped the students and went to the Aqua Parc. The students has a blast, after the swim test we went on the flumes, the slides, the water drop, wave pool and the lazy river. Then we headed back to Les Elfes helped the students to pack their belongings and bring their luggage downstairs. We have a prize gicing going on right now and we can not wait to reveal the race results. After we will watch the music video and slideshow…Until next year we will see you soon and we will miss all of the students grately as these past two weeks have been challanging and a huge learning experience for everyone. Thank you for coming 

Our school group were camping last night. They hiked down to the camping spot and set up campus. Our very own camp organizer designed the campus ready for the students. They had a great time. They sang songs around the camp fire, praticed survial skills, comunicated with each other to set up campus and enjoyed the whole evening.

08-05-2014 Verbier – Tennis & Mountain Biking & Camping

The individuals had optional tennis horseriding and paragliding early this morning. The other students split into two groups and played tannis and went mountian biking.

The school group gathered their equipment and went camping this afternoon. What a beautiful day to go aswell


Pictures coming soon…….

07-05-2014 Verbier – Excursion Chocolate & Cheese Factory – Hiking and Camping Preparation

Individual groups went to the Chocolate & Cheese Factory and shopping in Vevey. The students really enjoyed the Chocolate Factory today as they walked through different stages of the story of how the chocolate was made and prepared for people to eat. The cheese factory was a blast as they tasted cheese from different ages and different strengths.

School group started the day with a beautiful hike through the amaziong mountains of Verbier. Even thou it rained the students pushed through and really enjoyed the nature and explaination from our very own habitants of Verbier. After they climbed the mountain the students had a picnic lunch. After lunch they came to Les Elfes for preparation for the camping trip tomorrow. They planned what they would need for the hiking trip.

06-05-2014 Verbier – Bridge Swinging, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking & Reflection Games

Verbier – Ropes course, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking & Reflection Games

We have two groups at Les Elfes for this week. One group os individual students and one school group. The Individual student went  bridge singing in the morning and afternoon. We traveled to the locationg in our mini buses, when we arrived the students were very excited to see the bridge. We walked down to the swing and started the saftey speech. The students gathered and listened closely. After the speech the student put helmets and their saftey harness on….and then they jumped. Arrrhhhh the students screamed, laughed and enjoyed so much they had a blast. Meanwhile the school group went rock climbing and mountain biking. They enjoyed the tour around Verbier on the mountain bikes as it was a challage to climb hills on the bike. Upon arrive of the campus the students completed a sign up for afternoon activities. Some of them had horse riding, tennis or outdoor games. After dinner we all played La Fureur together it was amazing as all of the students had a great time singing and dancing.

04/05/2014 Verbier – Ropes course, Tennis & Sports

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First wake up in Verbier Les Elfes International Campus and it was a beautiful morning. The students came down for breakfast and had a morning meeting with the staff. We spilt the students into two different age groups in Group A we have the youngest students and in group B we have the oldest. The groups went to different activities during the day. Some students went to the Ropes course whilst others played Tennis and outdoor sports in the Vebrier Les Elfes. After a day of sporting activities of all the students received a small snack and signed up for afternoon activities. We played football, tennis and basketball. Some students made some drawings inside. In the evening we all played “Who wants to be a millionaire?” the game was a lot of fun and the students completed fortits if they were losing which was very enjoyable to watch

03/05/2014 Zermatt – Ski & departure to Verbier

Today the student went sking in the morning. They were slightly nervous as today is the ski race. Every single student took part in the race. At the end of the two weeks spring campus we will have a prize giving to announce the winners! After lunch the students made their way through the beautiful Zermatt village for the very last time. We took the train then a coach to the stunning village of Verbier. Once everyone had arrived in Verbier village at the Les Elfes campus all of the students had a nice meal. We returned all ski clothing and gave everyone laundry bags so they can start the next week with nice clean clothes. Most of the students were tierd therfore we headed of to bed after unpacking. Good buy Zermatt what an amazing week we all had!